Your situation is unique, and our staff is fully committed to helping you accomplish your goals. We will work to settle your case expeditiously with optimal results. You have placed your trust with DebtUSA, and now it’s time for us to commit to you.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Our representatives will be upfront about what we feel we can accomplish with your file and will let you know if something is beyond our reach. You will understand our fee structure and what we intend to do for you from the beginning of our relationship.


We provide the highest degree of quality for every service and solution we offer. We achieve this by:

• Continuous improvement of our processes.

• Acknowledging our responsibilities.

• Developing a clear understanding of our customer’s requirements.

• Keeping our clients informed.

• Discussing major decisions with our clients.


Our company works together as a team. Every member of our staff is committed to our clients’ success. When you sign up for our services, you too will become part of our team. Our cohesiveness helps us accomplish our goals, and sets us apart from the competition.

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