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A debt consolidation loan is a fancy phrase for a personal loan with the purpose of paying off debt. It’s unsecured, which means you aren’t required to use any collateral to borrow the money. This type of loan is based on income and credit score.

What Can Be Included?

Not all debts can be consolidated but here are some examples of debts that can be consolidated:
  • Credit Cards
    Credit cards have low minimum payments, and the interest rates for unpaid balances are high. It could take decades to pay the balance in full.
  • Medical Bills
    No one plans on getting hurt or sick. If you don’t have health insurance, doctor or hospital visits can end up costing you more money than you can afford to pay.
  • Business Debts
    You need capital to open a business. When a company struggles, loans are still due, and as the business owner, you’re left holding the bag.
  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
    Similar to credit cards, these liabilities have low monthly minimum payments and higher interest rates than other forms of debt.
  • Repossessions
    The auto industry is notorious for lending money with a high interest rate. Everyone needs reliable transportation, so people still borrow from them.
  • Collection Accounts
    Many creditors sell their accounts to collection companies. They’re tough on consumers, but debt settlement professionals are well-equipped to handle them.


There are many types of loans you can get to pay off your debt, but a consolidation loan does have its own benefits.

One monthly payment

Having to juggle multiple payments a month to different creditors? With consolidation you are doing just as the name says, consolidating into one low monthly payment.

Lower interest rate

Consolidation loans are fixed interest rates with fixed terms. Which mean you know exactly how much interest you will pay.

Debt-free is definitive

A consolidation loan has a last payment date so you know exactly when you will be debt free.

Do you qualify for debt consolidation?

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