Are serious about becoming debt free?
The DebtUSA process is simple but it still takes commitment.

DebtUSA Process

FREE Consultation

Speak to one of our experienced debt consultants. They will discuss your circumstances and will work with you to create a custom plan for YOUR situation.


Accumulate Funds

Once you enroll with DebtUSA, you will begin depositing money into an account that we will use to pay your creditors. Every payment will go into an FDIC insured account in your name. When we’re ready to pay off one of your debts, we will need your permission to use your funds. DebtUSA doesn’t take ANY fee unless our staff settles with one of your creditors. DebtUSA does not charge a fee upfront ‒ we only make money when we produce results.



Falling behind on your bills is an overwhelming experience. Our experienced staff knows how important this process is to you and will work nonstop to produce results. The DebtUSA process takes 24 to 60 months on average, and it requires hard work on our end and patience on your part. Rest assured that our staff is dedicating themselves to making sure you become debt-free.


Live Your Life

After enrolling with DebtUSA, your next step is to let our staff take on the stress of your creditors. In the beginning, we will need to work with you to get your case started. Once we get over the initial hurdle, you can leave the rest to the experts. Don’t let your situation stress you out ‒ leave the worrying to us. You will be debt-free soon enough, and your ordeal will be behind you.


No more worries or stress

Once DebtUSA has negotiated with your creditors, and you’ve paid all of your settlements, it will be time to rebuild. It sounds like a lot of work, but you have what it takes to get it done. Before you know it, this entire process will be a distant memory.


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