Clients are often skeptical about the possibility of settling their debts. Debt settlement seems too good to be true. At DebtUSA, we have a proven track record of success. While every case is different, we strive to succeed with every file we handle. But the process is long, and clients lose patience after a while. We realize that it’s hard to imagine the endgame at the beginning of the process. To help you visualize what success looks like, and to give you an example of what you can look forward to, we proudly share some of our past successes with you.

Results will vary and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to settle.

Creditor Balance Settlement Settlement Percentage Settlement Letter
Barclays Bank $11,620.85 $4,648.34 40%
Chase Bank $30,060.77 $10,000.00 33%
Citi Bank $9,039.77 $3,615.00 40%
Discover Card $19,605.69 $7,500.00 38%
Lending Club $10,810.24 $4,324.00 40%
One Main Financial $11,947.01 $3,700.00 31%
US Bank $6,845.06 $2,428.00 35%
Wells Fargo $6,269.31 $2,507.73 40%
American Express $11,445.02 $4,590.04 40%

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