This is a serious process, everyone has questions. Here is a list of some of the most common questions our staff answers daily.

A: The goal of our process is for you to pay much less than what you owe to your creditors. Unfortunately, any debt settlement program could affect your credit in a negative way. This is a short-term problem to be worried about. Credit scores have multiple factors including payment history, length of credit, debt to income and credit utilization. Once you complete the DebtUSA process you can start to repair and rebuild your credit.

A: The simple answer is YES but our goal is to have them contact DebtUSA once we start communicating with them. You being called is one thing but being harassed is another read the About FDCPA no creditor can harass you.

A: The great news is DebtUSA is a company that takes NO upfront fees. You only pay when a debt is settled and DebtUSA keeps you involved every step of the way. A basic range of the fees charged is between 15% to 25% based upon the state you live in.

A: NO, we have goals that we want to have as a global settlement percentage, but no program can guarantee a certain settlement percentage.

A: It is highly unlikely that a creditor will want to negotiate on an account that is current. A creditor needs to see that you are unable to pay due to being in a financial hardship. Unfortunately, this means you would have to be behind with these debts.

A: YES. Most people would rather have people with experience handle situations like these. Just like how people rely on Lawyers, Doctors, Electricians and other professionals.

A: Your money goes into an account that is in your name and you have full control of.

A: This is a possibility since in order to be able to pay less than what you owe you have to be behind on your payments. DebtUSA has options to help protect you against this being a concern for you.

A: There is a possibility of you having to pay taxes on forgiven debt. This should not be a concern especially after the savings you will have on the amount of debt forgiven.

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