At DebtUSA, we do our utmost to live up to our promise to our clients. Our experienced staff works tirelessly to get you debt-free while adhering to the standards our clients have come to expect from us.

Our Promise

Customized Program

There’s no “one size fits all” with debt collection. We handle each situation according to individual needs and nuances. The very first step of our process is to speak to one of our debt consultants and customize a program that fits your unique situation.

DebtUSA Fees

DebtUSA’s charges are results-based. You won’t pay any fees until you see results.


Our professional staff has years of negotiating experience. Most of our negotiators are former employees of banks and collection companies that we need to work with to settle your debt. Like the rest of the staff at DebtUSA, they are committed to helping you accomplish your goal of being debt-free.

Keeping You Involved

We will keep you involved in every step of the way. Our staff will not accept a settlement without your approval. You will always have the opportunity to share your opinion and feelings about our progress.

What We Ask of You

Your Payments

You will have to make your scheduled payments on time. If you miss payments after we settle your debts, it can undermine the entire process. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make consistent payments. It’s the only way we can deliver on our promise.


Our staff understands that you’re frustrated and you want to resolve matters quickly. While everyone would love for that to happen, debt settlement is a long, drawn-out process. Expect to be in the program for 24 to 60 months. We need you to believe in us and to be patient. Know that our staff will do everything possible to deliver results as quickly as possible.


We need to know everything that’s going on on your end:

• If creditors are harassing you.
• If a creditor sends you a letter.
• If a creditor is trying to sue you.

We also ask that you make yourself available to us and answer the phone when we call. When our staff settles with a creditor, time becomes of the essence, and we will need immediate communication with you.

Do you qualify for debt settlement?