Why choose Debt USA?

We assist people just like you reduce their monthly payments to a level they can afford. Our goal is making sure you get your life back by helping you become debt free as soon as possible. We believe that a healthy mind is the key to getting your life back on track. We’ll reduce the stress and deal with your lenders on your behalf.

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Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t settle your debt with us, or if we don’t deliver on our promise, you will pay us nothing. This is our promise



Our goal is 100% satisfaction with our services. We work tirelessly to achieve this and to deliver on our promise.


Savings Off Your Debt

There are numerous scenarios where people have saved up to 50% off their debt with the DebtUSA process.


Months or Less

Typically we can have you debt free within in 36 months. A much shorter time than making the minimum payment.

We make the process Simple

Free debt consultation

Speak with our experienced debt consultants and ask as many questions as possible. Every situation is different, so experience is key. It’s FREE

Realize the savings

Once your debt consultant understands your current situation, they will show you how much DebtUSA can really save you. The savings will shock you.

Enroll in DebtUSA process

All your questions have been answered? Your Debt Consultant will do everything they can to make enrollment quick and simple.

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The DebtUSA Process

The DebtUSA process is designed to eliminate your debt stresses for a fraction of the outstanding amount you owe. We know time is always a factor so this is why DebtUSA doesn’t take any fees until your debt has been settled which means faster results. Our experienced staff of negotiators immediately start negotiating with your creditors with the goal of having them agree to settle for much less than what you owe. Have piece of mind with a company that doesn’t charge any upfront fees.

Just 3 EASY steps in the DebtUSA Process

  • Accumulate Funds
    All payments will be placed into an FDIC insured account in your own name. This is where all settlements to your creditors will be paid from after your approval.

  • Patience
    Our Negotiators will start communicating with your creditors for the best settlements possible. Our goal is to show immediate results. This will take time.

  • Live your life
    The last thing we want is for you to stress over this process so let DebtUSA handle it. Our goal is to have you debt free by the end of the program.


What Does Our Process Cover?

DebtUSA can assist with numerous types of debts. Everyone has a unique situation and we know this and we pride ourselves on all the different types of debts we can accept. Below are some general debt we settle on a daily basis.

  • Credit Cards
    Credit cards are by far the most dangerous type of debt to be behind on. Credit cards carry high interest rates with low minimum payments.

  • Medical Bills
    No one plans on getting hurt or sick and if you don’t have health insurance this can end up costing you a lot of money and non stop headaches.

  • Business Debts
    Anyone that has opened or tried opening a business know it takes capital. Business card/loans are the most popular way to achieve this capital.

  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
    In the last couple years this type of debt has become very popular. These types of loans hold higher interest rates and high in fees.

  • Repossessions
    The auto industry is notorious for giving loans with high interest rates and its easy since everyone wants reliable transportation.

  • Collection Accounts
    There are many types of accounts that go to collection companies. Anyone that has ever been in collections knows it’s the worst process to deal with.

Do you qualify for debt settlement?

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